Support Assistant

11 Rue de Bitbourg, 1273 Luxembourg

Job Description


Support Assistants are responsible for running and coordinating the day-to-day administrative duties of an organisation. Traditionally, a Support Assistant job description highlights the importance of organisation skills, communication skills and the capacity to manage several tasks or requests simultaneously. Soft skills such as being professional and exceptional with time management are also valuable to include.


  • Assist and support technical staff in their day-to-day activities.
  • Provide technical support assistance for desktop applications.
  • Execute technical support functions for client server.
  • Provide technical support to technicians in resolving and troubleshooting technical problems.
  • Answer and respond to customer calls and mails relating to their technical issues.
  • Document all calls relating to technical problems and inquiries in internal call database.
  • Provide technical support and assistance in completion of projects on time.
  • Keep up to date on latest trends and solutions in technology aspects.
  • Provide technical support and assistance in running applications testing.
  • Ensure compliance of established procedures and guidelines.


  • Education: High school graduate or equivalent with data processing training, computer operations
    training, or experience in a multi-operation system or production control environment preferred.
  • Skills and Experience: Two or more years of related experience with computers and providing
    customer service in a technological environment.
  • May require the knowledge of a variety of hardware as well as software, programming languages, and operation systems.
  • May be tested on appropriate computer skills as required.