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Partner with the leader in connecting people to job opportunities.

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Take advantage of a wide range of partnership opportunities by linking your business to the largest marketplace of jobs on the web

Why partner with fast

Increase engagement, interaction, conversion and local reach.

• Gain access to a portfolio of solutions to improve efficiency, workflow as well as seeker experience.
• Get access to dedicated, on-going technical support to answer your questions and improve your integrations.
• Take advantage of marketing resources to drive client adoption.
• Be one of the first to test out new products and provide feedback to improve the overall experience.
• Work with a company that has a strong commitment to ongoing innovation.

Partner with the leader in connecting people to job opportunities

Our mission is to facilitate those who share our singular goal to help seekers and employers Find Better. By partnering with us, your business can gain incredible value by leveraging Monster's power to reach and connect, for solutions from posting and applying to jobs to searching for resumes and reaching local talent.

Reach and attract talent in new ways

Find the right people in less time with integrated solutions

Post – Tap into fast's wide audience reach

Real Time Posting enables the automation of posting job ads to from your platform. By integrating the job posting process, you can make it easier for recruiters to post jobs from your platform, both in complexity and time.

Search – Pinpoint the right candidates

With more than 680,000 new resumes added to our database each month, has the largest resume database in the industry. We also have the right tools to find the right candidates from our or your database per your platform needs.

Apply – Make it easy for seekers to apply makes it easy for millions of seekers to apply to your jobs at home, in the office or on the go with just a few clicks. Whether it’s jobs posted on your career site or cross-posted to fast, can help streamline the apply process and deliver candidate resumes directly to your platform.

More Seekers. More Applicants. Seamless Experience.

Get more job response by simplifying the application process

"If it were only easier to apply...​"

Job seekers have spoken – the main impediment to applying to a job is… wait for it… how hard it is to apply to the job. This isn’t rocket science – if it were only easier to apply to a job, more job seekers would complete the application. More candidates means more hires.

A workflow where a prospective applicant is sent off to a career site to complete an apply form is startlingly inefficient. Seekers drop off these types of workflows for many reasons – a career site’s application form may be too lengthy, or it may be exceedingly difficult to apply to from a mobile device. In a world where people have learned to be wary of phishing, being redirected to an unrecognized ATS web domain is enough to scare away potential applicants.

Customize the application form to your needs

It’s an ultra competitive job market; every edge is needed to convince a job seeker to spend some of their valuable time and effort to complete your job’s application form. You can tip the scales in your favor by tailoring the application form to offer the best user experience by making it as easy as possible to complete. fast lets you make that possible by tailoring the apply form to your requirements, removing many impediments that can potentially deter candidates from completing the application – the job seeker is able to easily apply to your job, reusing their readily available resume and profile information on In conjunction with the tailored form, our candidate delivery mechanisms facilitate integrations to get applicant records to your candidate management platform. Talk to your fast representative about this option.

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